Home Cooking Meal Kit's

We're proud to deliver some of the most mouth-watering local meal kits using our favorite family recipes. We source ingredients from award-winning butchers, local growers and other restaurant quality food in the area to bring you delicious home cooked meal kits. 


Every week we offer a new recipe complete with all your ingredients, measured and packed for you. Even kids like our meals. Our customers tell us how easy we make cooking for their families and it's become a tradition in their homes. Our meals typically sell out. So order early!  

What is in a Weekend Home Cooking Meal Kit?

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • Includes all your ingredients

  • Fresh local produce

  • Naturally raised local meats

  • Pre-measured spices, sauces, etc. 

  • 4 adult servings (depending on appetites)

How do I order a meal?

  • Stop by the market and sign up

  • Order online. Orders open Sunday evening.

  • Facebook, we post weekly events where you can sign up.

Mealkits are available for pickup:

Friday 10am - 7pm or Saturday 10am - 3pm

Questions? Call us at (816) 646-1301

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