Friedrich's Farmer's Market  First Saturdays May - Oct 2020

The market serves as a gathering place for the community. Start the day with free community yoga. Discover a wide variety of edible delights, free craft table for kids and specially themed market days both inside and outside the market on the First Saturday of the month.


Outdoor market days begin May 2nd, 2020 through October 3rd, weather permitting, from 9am – 1pm. The market will be held in our parking lot, at 1139 Frederick Ave, St. Joseph, MO. Overflow parking is available on the upper deck behind our building. We're just one block west of City Hall and the beautiful Civic Center Park. 

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Breads & Bakes

  • Flowers and plants

  • Coffee, Honey, maple syrup and jarred items

  • Meat, cheese and eggs (in the market)

  • Grains & Snacks

  • Meet the Farmers!

  • Food Demos

  • Items exclusive to Friedrich's, jams, pickled food and sourdough breads.

Do you have extra vegetables, berries or wild harvest?  You can bring your harvest, sell it in-person or we can sell it on your behalf on our Harvesters Table. Friedrich's Outdoor Market are looking for growers and makers. The outdoor market is a producer-only market.

Vendor Fees:  The season will have 6 Saturday markets (May 2; Jun 6; Jun 27; Aug 1; Sep 5; Oct 3) 


  • Non Food - Vendor Fee $15 per Saturday

  • Produce / Food - Food Vendor Fee $25 per Saturday

  • EBT payments accepted inside the market.

Vendor Space: 


We have 20 vendor spaces available. One (1) 10’ x 10’ area (approx.) will be provided in our parking lot per vendor, sizes may vary slightly. Vendors must bring their own table, chairs and umbrella or tent. Vendor parking is available behind the market in the back parking lot. No electricity provided. We will help anyway we can.


Questions?  Email us at or call us at (816) 646-1301

We'd love to have you as a vendor...
How would you like to participate?
Do you have a current St. Joseph Business License

Thank you for your interest.We will follow up with an email or phone call as soon as possible. Call us if you have questions.  

*I have read and agree to the Friedrich's Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations

Things you might want to know...


Q: Are Tents and Tables provided?
A: No, tent(s) and table(s) are each vendors responsibility.

Q: Is there vehicle access to the booth?
A: Yes, before and after the market. All vehicles must be out of the market 15 minutes prior to opening and may not enter until 15 minutes after closing.

Q: Where do Vendors park?
A: We have an overflow parking area behind the actual market, in the back. Accessible through our private alley.

Q: Can I choose my location within the market?
A: Vendors are placed in available locations. Special requests should be made in advance and we will try and accommodate you as best we can.

How many Vendors do you expect to participate?
A: As this is our first year we hope to expect up to 14 vendors. Help us spread the word! 

Q: Is there power in the outdoor area?
A: No, at this time there is no power available in the parking lot. Special arrangements need to be made for vendors who require power.

Q: Is there water?
A: Yes, at the Restrooms.

Q: Are Bathroom Facilities available for the Vendors?
A: Yes, vendors will be able to use the market bathroom.

What type of licenses are required to participate at the outdoor market?
A: Growers/Farmers are not required to have any licenses as long as they only sell raw vegetables. 
Craft/Other Vendors are required to have a business license and may be required to have a Liability Insurance depending on their product(s). Before applying, make sure you are in compliance with all federal, state, county and city rules that apply to your products. Refer to Missouri Food Safety for Farmers Markets. 

We have Free Wi-Fi for vendors

1139 Frederick Ave, St. Joseph, MO        

Phone: (816) 646-1301

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