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Thank you for supporting our small market during this rapidly changing time. We decided now is the best window for some much needed family time. More than anything we value your, and our health. We will continue orders and delivery services online after MARCH 30th. #flattenthecurve

Boy, what a whirlwind week. We are all experiencing uncertainty these days but there is something reassuring that we are not in this alone. This week brought many challenges but none that we couldn't work through. Our community has been beyond amazing! All the phone calls and messages was a silver lining for us.

Much of what goes on behind the scenes in the food industry is not seen by the public but we do a lot of running around to source our local foods. We are not concerned about shortages. It takes time to replenish inventory for any business even under normal circumstances. Our work puts us in touch with many individuals and social distancing keeps them and us safe.

I would encourage you to have some patience with people. Have empathy for those who are afraid. Everyone responds differently to stressful events. People are not use to shopping for a month at a time while others function best on set routines. When those routines are disrupted it can be very challenging for a neurodiverse individual. Think about the autistic child who will only eat pasta. All I am saying is, quit buying all the Ramen and TP! On the bright side there are blossoms on the trees, a good sign spring is coming and growing season will bring an abundance of fresh veggies. We are already at work getting veggies and herbs ready to go into the ground.

Take this time at home to connect with the family. Get fresh air. Dig in the garden. Make time to video to friends. And remember STAYING HOME is the best thing you can do right now for everyone’s health.

If you need help with recipes or ideas then we invite you to join our Facebook group or join us on the Wix app. See you in a few days.

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